Winning on the West Side

In 2020, I was the only Democrat to run in a contested race for state school board. In that race, I outperformed all but three Democrats running for office in my state board district.

I averaged 54% in West Valley City and averaged roughly 60% in the precincts where House District 31 now exists.

Additionally, I raised over $15,000 with (all from friends and supporters, not from the state or county parties), which was more than any other school board candidate had raised up to that point.

  • Joe Biden–outperformed his vote total by 2.4484% districtwide
  • Kael Weston (Congress-2)–outperformed his vote total by 5.5910% districtwide
  • Ben McAdams (Congress 4)–barely underperformed his vote total districtwide by 0.4912%
  • Chris Peterson (Governor)–outperformed his vote total by 7.8383%
  • Greg Skordas (Attorney General)–outperformed his vote total by 4.9303%
  • Luz Escamilla (Senate 1 at the time)–still got 54% in shared precincts but she got 58%
  • Fatima Dirie (House 33 at the time)–outperformed her vote total by 7.7069%
  • Jenny Wilson (Salt Lake County Mayor)–outperformed her vote total by 1.3792%
  • Shireen Ghorbani–(SLCo Council at Large)–outperformed her vote total by 3.6959%
  • Jennifer Fresques (SLCo Treasurer)–outperformed her vote total by 2.0300%
  • Rashelle Hobbs (SLCo Recorder)–outperformed her vote total by 2.0466%
  • Michael McDonald (SLCo Treasurer)–outperformed his vote total by 3.6573%

Unfortunately, I lost the race as a whole, because I did not do as well in the very conservative parts of the district (which included all of Tooele and Juab Counties as well), but I was able to effectively campaign (even during a pandemic year) and I will be walking to every door in House District 31 to win votes in 2024.